Authentic Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Goi Cuon)

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As a Vietnamese, these 3 dipping sauces are my usual go-to for making authentic Vietnamese spring rolls at home! I’ll show you tips to wrap spring rolls too so you can brag your summer rolls to your friends and family!

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Spring rolls

Hoisin and peanut sauce

Sweet and sour garlic fish sauce

Salted soya beans sauce



- This combi of greens is commonly used in Vietnam, it gives good balance of taste & texture. Some people also add: shredded carrots, egg strips, perilla leaves, fish mint, even otaheite apple’s young or mango young leaves (for its sourness) etc.

- You can use pork belly, or a cut that has some fats. I went shopping too late so I had to use tenderloin ;)

- Rice paper with more tapioca starch + thicker = easier to roll for beginners but can be chewy. The ones with more rice flour + thinner = harder to roll, but more delicious!

- A roll that is packed firmly with layers of ingredients will taste better, not messy to eat, and less likely to break.

- Pork slices & other moisture rich ingredients should be wrapped inside the greens so they don’t touch the rice paper. If not, it may causes breakage.

- There are different brands of fish sauce, hoisin sauce, salted bean etc so always taste and adjust accordingly.

- I used Healthy Boy Salted Soya Bean Paste. Some brands added soya sauce which is not so good for the sauce.

- These 3 sauces aren't the only ones that can be used to dip with Gỏi cuốn. However, they are more widely used, more palatable and easier to eat for most people.


- Soak & cook rice vermicelli according to package’s directions.

- Boil pork in 400 ml of water, remove and submerge in cold water once cooked.

- Boil peeled prawns for 1 min.

- Add prawn heads and shells, simmer for around 10 mins to make a stock for the sauce.

- Slice pork thinly & slice prawn into halves.

- Place rice paper glossy side down on a large plate.

- Wet the towel then wipe both sides of rice paper.

- Break the stem of the lettuces leaves to flatten it.

- Make a rectangular lettuce bed at the bottom half of the rice paper, lay the herbs, cucumber, beansprouts, rice vermicelli & pork slices on top.

- Roll the bottom half up, fold right side in, lay chives down, then fold left side to secure.

- Lay the halves of the prawns, orange side down, stuck in firmly & roll the rest.

- Stack the rolls up vertically to trim chives for better presentation.


- In a sauce pan, fry garlic and shallot with some oil until fragrant.

- Add hoisin, stock and peanut butter. Stir well to dissolve.

- Add sugar, sriracha and white vinegar. Remember to taste & adjust!

- Garnish individual sauce bowl with: pickled radish & carrot strips, crushed toasted peanuts, minced chili, crispy shallot.


- Follow this order so the garlic and chili can float beautifully.

- Add garlic, chili & sugar in a bowl. Mix well.

- Add lime juice & water. Mix until sugar is dissolved.

- Add fish sauce last.

- Garnish individual sauce bowl with: pickled radish and carrot strips.


- Soak liver in milk for 30 mins to remove odor, then wash and rinse very well.

- Press to remove excess water.

- In a sauce pan, fry garlic and shallot with some oil until fragrant.

- Add liver, stir fry until cooked, then add salted soya bean and stock.

- Blend the mixture until quite smooth.

- Add rock sugar, peanut butter & stir until dissolved.

- Add sriracha & vinegar.

- Garnish individual sauce bowl with: pickled radish and carrot strips, crushed toasted peanuts, minced chili, crispy shallot.

Good luck making them, let me know which one is your favorite. Mine is the salted soya bean sauce!

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