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Noi Khao Khamoo

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If you are in Savannakhet and look for braised pork leg with rice, here is the highly recommended place. All foodies from Savannakhet know this place well 🤗. Apart from braised pork, the other menus are also delicious. ​

Recommended menu: khao kha moo, kuay jap (flat noodle soup), khao nah ped

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ອາຫານແຊບ ແມ່ຄ້າ ໃຈດີ ຮ້ານເຂົ້າຂາຫມູ ອັນດັບ1 ຂອງແຂວງສະຫວັນລະຮ້ານນີ້

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