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St. Therese Church

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The St. Therese Church, is a Catholic church located in the city of Savannakhet, Laos. The church was built in the early 20th century during the French colonial era and is known for its unique blend of European and traditional Lao architectural styles.

The church's exterior features a striking red-brick facade, while its interior boasts intricate wooden carvings and stained-glass windows depicting scenes from the Bible. The church's altar is also adorned with a statue of Saint Therese of Lisieux, the patron saint of the church.

Aside from its religious significance, Eglise Sainte Thérèse is also an important historical landmark in Savannakhet. During the Vietnam War, the church was used as a field hospital by the Pathet Lao, a communist group that was fighting against the Laotian government and its American allies.

Today, Eglise Sainte Thérèse remains an active place of worship for the Catholic community in Savannakhet and a popular destination for tourists interested in the city's history and culture.

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