Tham Pa Fa (Buddha Cave)

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In 2004, Mr Bun Nong climbed a steep 200-meter cliff using a vine and stumbled upon a slender opening to a cave. Inside, he was surprised to encounter 229 bronze Buddha statues, with heights varying between 15cm to 1m. These Buddhas had been seated in the same position for years, facing the entrance of the cave, which boasted stunning limestone formations.

Modern development and the installation of lights have now changed the appearance of the cave from its original state when Mr Bun Nong first discovered it.

To reach Buddha Cave Park from Thakaek, travel on Route 12 to Km 7. Turn left at the sign for the cave, go straight for about 500 metres, stay right along the old French railway bed, cross the Nam Don River, and continue for some 4 km along a dirt road until you reach Na Khang Xang and the parking area.

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