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Lao Textile Museum

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Lao is quite well known for its silk woven products. The country's Silk fabric is appreciated for its exquisite beauty and fine workmanship. The technique used is sophisticated and potentially one of the most complex weaving techniques that exists. It requires as high level of perseversnce and artistic talent to create exquisite fabrics, whose colors are natural products dyes.

Weaving, as practiced by Lao people, depicts their way of life, their environment and spiritualbeliefs and is thought by many to be an example of successful combination of the local knowledge and silk of the people of South East Asia.

The curious mind may ask how Lao people used to produce silk fabrics, considered as masterpieces in their own right,hundreds of years before, at a time when commercial competition was not common.
You can find answers to these questions and more at the Lao Textile Museum, Its a place worthwhile visiting. The Lao Textile Museum is the first private museum in Laos. On display are antique pieces of silk made by difference ethnic group of the country. Visitors can also see ancient household untensils.

The Exhibition is display in wooden house of typical Lao style, amidst peaceful and pleasant surrounding and gardens of flowers.

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